Having a Realtor represent YOU is essential in your home buying process and ensures you and your interests are protected.

Whether you are buying your first home or have purchased in the past, it is a big investment—making it essential that you have a Buyer’s Agent working for you to protect your best interests and guide you through the process every step of the way. Purchasing a home without a Buyer’s Agent does not save you money, in fact it could cost you. The listing agent of the home is working on behalf of the seller, not you. It is his/her job to get the maximum price and quickly for the seller. By having a Buyer’s Agent you have someone negotiating on your behalf, ensuring YOU get the best price possible. And because the seller pays the Realtor fees associated with selling their home, there is no-cost to you when you hire us to represent you.

Both Tracy and Judi have proven to provide their buyer’s with outstanding service from the initial meeting through to their closing day, managing every step along the way—ensuring all deadlines are met. They go above and beyond to protect the interests of their buyers. As your Buyer’s Agent they know what you are looking for in a property, coordinate showings of the properties you are interested in, obtain additional information as needed, present offers and negotiate the best price possible FOR YOU.

Contact The Premier Team at info@premierrealtorteam.com to get your home buying process started.